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The end of 2022 is just days away and in reflecting over the past twelve months we have experienced plenty of uncertainties: the United States recession, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the European energy crisis has impacted the global economy. At the same time Asia appears to be trending up with a fresh and peaceful market, economically recovering from covid to include a steady growth in their GDP.

This year’s travel across the globe facilitated my reconnection with old friends and the introduction to many new ones. These connections reshaped my world view and future business plans. I appreciate and thank you for the hospitality and business support of our local business partners and friends in Manila, Kitakyushu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York City. My first post-covid international trip has re-opened my eyes. Click our updated LXI Capital Overview.

LXI Capital Updates
We continue to extend our investment on a global basis. Our pipeline includes 7+GW solar, battery in the US and 2+GW solar, hydro, and biomass projects in ASEAN (the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam).

LXI is in the initial fundraising stage for the first 500-1000MW solar and battery storage portfolio in the US. These projects are developed by industry veteran teams. PPAs can be secured via in-network international energy companies or go with merchant, whichever provides better economic outcome. Additionally, risks have been significantly mitigated via integration with strategic partnership with key suppliers, EPCs, and power trading desks. Our GP team will welcome a new partner with a strong EPC track record in these projects.

LXI also kicks off our fundraising process for our ASEAN portfolio: greenfield and brownfield solar, hydro and biomass projects.

Ideal investors are financial investors seeking a GP team with a strong execution ability and a portfolio ready to deploy capital via a GP/LP or corporate structure from the US, the UK, Europe, Middle East, and APAC.

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The first investor newsletter has been issued. In the interim, we are working on adding an investor portal to our website www.lxicapital.com. If you are interested in receiving our market insights, risk management strategies, and investment opportunities, please email [email protected].

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2023 confirmed speaking schedules:

  • Future Energy Show PH 2023, Manila, Panel: Financing the Philippines’ Energy Future
  • Horasis Global Meeting, Abu Dhabi, Panel: TBD

If you are in the region, let’s connect and meet IN PERSON. 

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