Empowering Communities through Renewable Energy

Welcome to LXI Capital – Shaping the Green Future. With Net Zero by 2050 in focus, global capital seeks eco-friendly investments. LXI Capital pioneers renewable projects, endorsed by partners like the Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and approved vendor of the Connecticut Green Bank. We fill the funding gap for US solar and battery ventures – utility-scale, distributed, and commercial & industrial. Join us to drive sustainability, empower green initiatives, and secure our planet’s tomorrow. Invest smartly; develop efficiently. Together, we achieve Net Zero. Contact us today for a greener future.

Li Xu

Founder and Managing Partner

Ms. Xu, CPA, the Founder and Managing Partner, is a leading renewable energy professional. Her expertise covers renewable development, investments, risk management, and asset management, along with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting. With a substantial background in assisting Fortune 500 companies and Big Four firms, Ms. Xu possesses profound insights into the intricacies of the renewable energy sector, domestic and international capital markets, and a track record that highlights her abilities as an operational and turnaround expert. Ms. Xu is frequently sought after as a speaker, delivering her expertise on topics covering the renewables market, investments, risk management, project finance, and ESG. 

Kevin Candee

Advisor – Hydro

Mr. Candee, P.E., Managing Partner, is a well-respected civil and hydraulic expert in the industry. His 30+ years of experience includes hydropower planning, design and construction, transaction advisor, lender’s technical advisor, and owner’s engineer to the international private equity markets. He also serves as an independent advisor to private equity funds, private investors, and public utilities, and a lead investor of several successful hydropower, water, and real estate development projects worldwide. Mr. Candee is a licensed engineer in the US, and fluent in Spanish and functional in several other languages.