How do I set up a time with you? How to meet in person? 

For new contacts, we use as our major scheduling tool. This has been tested and working in most counties.  For people who prefer the traditional way of using email to schedule, our team will assist as well.  We meet in person when time and location permit or required. Generally, we try to level the time at global conferences to conduct face to face meetings while people from all over the world are all in the same place.

Calendly allows us to coordinate with various time zones and various calendars on the go.  Below are some most commonly asked questions and our answers.

Q: Where are you based at?  Do I need to adjust based on time zone differences?

A: The tool allows us to set up a schedule based on the office hour of my physical locations. On your end, it shows as your local time based on your time zone on your desktop.  In short, no additional adjustments are needed.

Q: Can I add other people to the meetings?

A: Absolutely.  When you enter your name, email, and phone number, you can click the “Add Guests” button to add up to 10 guests’ emails.

Q: I still don’t know how to use this tool, what should I do?

A:  No problem. Please email [email protected] with two time slots (please indicate your time zone) and we can schedule meetings manually.

For a Calendly tutorial on YouTube, please click:  Calendly Tutorial