What do you do? Services provided? 

Services: we offer a wide arrange of services related to finance, marketing, business development, accounting services, management, advisory services in foreign countries.  Similar to FTI Consulting, but much smaller. 


Who do you work with? Do you only work with Chinese/deals in China? 

As a global company, we conduct business in the world (200+ countries) as long as legally permitted. As of now, we have been contacted for over 30 different countries. The top 10 countries we work with are US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia.  


What areas/industries are in your current focus?  

While our expertise is broad, we currently focus on the pharmaceutical and energy industries – two areas in which we have a deep understanding and experience: 

Pharmaceutical and medical devices  We help raise capital and/or product sales, along with consulting and advisory services for companies with postFDA/CE/CFDA products. Our team assists these companies in commercializing their products in the China market via mergers & acquisitions (M&A), direct product sales, and licensing agreements 

Energy – We assist our clients with cross border energy deals, the structure of deals, and project finance services, in addition to interim CXO services, consulting, and advisory servicesThe average size of the deals and projects range from $50 million to $2 billion in the US, Canada, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Transaction types include debt/bond, M&A, business development, and technology licensing. 


Do you have a security license? 

Each country has or does not have its own rules and regulations coming to securities. We comply with rules and regulations in all the countries. If needed, we refer to brokerage firms with required licenses in the specific country related to that transition.  


Do you work with Chinese investors? 

Through our network and our partners, we have access to many investors in China. This includes strategic investors and financial investors/funds/ family offices, both onshore and offshore entities.  

We also work with investors in Europe, the US, and the Middle East via our contacts and our partners.  


Do you help the Chinese move money out of China? 

We only work with conventional M&A and consulting transactions with institutions. We do not work with individual clients in the world, including China. It is forbidden in our company to facilitate money transfer activities without fundamental business transactions, even it is legal in most countries, such as using FX or gold as an intermediary to transfer currency between the borderline.  


Which country do you operate in?  

As a global company, we conduct business in the world (200+ countries) as long as legally permitted. As of now, we have been contacted by companies from 30+ different countries. 

Which law do you use? Are you ok with the non-US rule of laws? 

Currently, we have companies in the US to serve the Americas region, China to serve the Asia Pacific, and UK entity to serve EMEA.  We work with three major legal systems – US, UK, and Chinese laws.  


How do you get all the projects? 

A mix of sources: personal network, referrals from partners around the world, and online requests, etc.   


What type of business do you help? Size? Location?  

Our sweet spot is the traditional middle market, B2B business. Currently, we focus on energy and pharma and medical device companies related transactions, where we have experience and resources.  Locations wise, no specific requirements, however, it is generally driven by fundamental market needs.