How big is your team? Who are in your team? Where is your team? 

Our team is composed of consultants, freelancers, interns, and close working partners around the world. The size usually fluctuates between 10 and 20. They reside in the US, Canada, China, UK, Philippine, Malaysia, India, etc.


Why are you the only one on social media? Where is your team? 

Personal branding is one of our marketing and branding strategies.  For key teammates, it is optional to choose to be public in all social media or remain private. As of now, all of our key teammates prefer to remain their life private.


What is your hiring process? How do you select people? 

People are the most important assets of our company. We treat everyone equally regardless of age, race, color, nationality, religion, etc.   Many of the current team come via referral or personal contacts.  From time to time, we will post positions and hire from outside.

The people who work well in our companies are honest, accountable, responsible, independent, quick learner, and international-minded. We value the attitude and character highest.