Blood-based Testing Kits (IgG/IgM) and RT-PCR (Swab Based) Testing Kits

Product Selecting Criteria

Our team and partners in Asia regularly receive testing kit supplier information. Li Xu International requires the following criteria be met by suppliers:

  • Established testing kit manufacturers with more than two years of experience.
  • Proven quality control in place.
  • Approval or pending approval of CE/ISO, CFDA for China, KFDA for South Korea, or US FDA.
  • Daily manufacturing capacity of more than 100,000 testing kits.
  • A lead time of fewer than 10 days.
  • No existing exclusive distribution agreements.
  • Competitively priced, based on the global market.
  • No hidden costs (such as no requirement for a dedicated machine to run testing; or the purchase of important key components separately such as RNA extraction).
  • RT-PCR kits must be able to run on a generic testing machine, not brand specific (such as Abbott kits must run on Abbott machines).
  • No separate machine is required for IgG/IgM testing.

Who are Qualified Buyers?

  • Medical device distributors and wholesalers.
  • Private corporate procurement departments.
  • Labs
  • Organization in business for more than two years.
  • Minimum of $150,000 USD in cash available.
  • Ability to purchase within 48 hours – no price shoppers.

Please note:

Government agencies, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, NGOs: please share our contacts with your appointed medical device distributors/labs

Customer Purchasing Process

  • Determine the type of testing kits needed. Please consult with your medical experts regarding the difference in testing kits and the type of testing kits most appropriate for your business.
  • Confirm your ability to import from China or South Korea by consulting with your logistics experts. Please understand the importing rules.
  • Review our product booklet for testing kits. We currently carry two well-established brands.
  • Read the Q&A information provided, which should address most of your questions.
  • If you are interested in this product, please complete and email the customer inquiry sheet to [email protected]. Provide as much information as possible to expedite the process via online and phone calls. All documents are in English.
  • Qualified buyers with complete documents will be contacted within 72 hours via email or telephone.
  • All buyers must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • With an NDA in place, Li Xu International will release the product information.
  • Once a buyer decides on the product and quantity, a purchase order (PO) inquiry will be submitted.
  • The buyer is required to sign a letter acknowledging that the manufacturer carries product liabilities.
  • Li Xu international will facilitate the rest of the purchasing process.
  • The chosen manufacturer will send an updated PO along with wire instructions.
  • Buyers make international wires to the manufacturer.
  • Upon receiving payment, the manufacturer schedules production.
  • Manufacturer schedules logistics and product shipment.
  • Li Xu International will coordinate all the production, logistics and communication issues.

How did Li Xu International become involved in sourcing testing kits?

We believe the availability of testing kits is key to stopping the virus outbreak and the kits are key to helping people return to work.

With our global network we have been involved in sourcing testing kits from an early stage, resulting in firsthand experience of the availability of quality testing kits in the global market. However, we are not medical distributors. We are facilitators tapping our global network to assist qualified customers in securing quality testing kits for their organization.

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Price and Payment Terms

All prices are FOB Shanghai/Beijing, in US dollars. Prices fluctuate and change frequently based on global demand.

  • Payment terms: 100% T/T international wire only.
  • No LC or escrow accounts.
  • Shipping, custom clearance fees, duty, and insurance are not included.

Minimum order: 10,000 kits.

Lead time: Normal lead time is 3-7 days beginning at the time payment appears in the manufacturer’s bank account, usually 2-3 days after the international wire is out, due to interbank clearance.

Expedited services: May be available for an additional fee.

Packaging: See product brochures.

Quality Control

Li Xu International has invested many hours and leveraged its global network to provide the highest quality product available. Recent quality issues have been traced back to products made in China or to counterfeit products from other countries. These issues are caused by:

  • Unregistered products in the country of origin (i.e. without CFDA or KFDA).
  • The manufacturer is new at producing the product, as it has not incorporated a quality control process.
  • Fake products that have yet to be identified by law enforcement.
  • The misuse of products.
  • Mishandling during transit.

As a result, we only select products with the CFDA or KFDA approval – products we can verify on their respective governmental websites. We also check the references of manufacturers with the assistance of our local contacts and monitor the company’s social media to ensure quality issues have not resulted in negative reviews or publicity.

Li Xu International recommends our customers procure directly from manufacturers or verified trading companies.


Shipping is via air by dedicated logistics companies who work directly with the manufacturers.

If you plan to use your own logistics carriers/freight forwarders, please note many logistics companies in China do not accept clearance for products such as testing kits. Make sure your logistics company will accept your product at the time of shipping.

Check the exporting rules to make sure your purchase is not banned by the origination government.

Make sure your carriers/logistics companies have experience shipping Covid-19 related medical supplies as custom rules change frequently.

For customers with their own planes, we will coordinate with local airports and manufacturers.

RT-PCR package requires cooling material (i.e. dry ice) in transit.

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