It was a Saturday afternoon full of wisdom as several world-class scientists gathered at Columbia University to discuss the road to the Nobel Prize, artificial intelligence and life as scientists. The NYC Chapter of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology hosted Zhang Yàqín, recently retired president of Baidu (China’s largest search engine); Dr. Martin Lee Chalfie, Nobel Prize winner and Columbia University professor; Dr. Haifan Lin, Yale professor and founding director of the Yale Stem Cell Center; and Dr. David Ho, founding scientific director of Aaron Diamond Research Center and Rockefeller University professor.

Key takeaways from these world-class scientists: remain curious, be persistent, enjoy the process while pursuing your goals, and like any other profession, communicate. The panelists agreed the most important skill for scientists is communication. Their advice reconfirms my beliefs and passion for personal development. In addition to our business advisory services, we assist our clients in remaining positive and opportunistic, regardless of tariffs and geopolitical storms.